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Welcome to Papasan Home Services, A professional, licensed, and insured handyman and remodeling company, based in Austin Texas.

We Fix Everything On Your House, So You Don’t Have To

Bi-Annual Home Inspections Available

Reliable & Skilled Construction, Remodel & Handyman Services

Keep An Eye On Your Property – If you are a landlord (See Commercial Services) this is a great way to keep tabs on the condition of your house, duplex, or apartments.

Pays For Itself – When you upgrade and repair your home, with a remodel, flooring upgrade or a new faucet installation, you are putting equity into your home.

Austin Handyman Services Prevent House Problems Before They Start

We inspect and repair houses in Austin. We remodel homes, we remodel kitchens, and bathroom remodels too. Update your cabinets with a fresh coat of paint! Or replace your cabinets and have us measure, order and install them for you!

Home Preventative Maintenance Service In Austin Goes A Long Way.

Many Austin, Texas homeowners & landlords have no idea of the condition of their properties. Our skilled carpenters & handymen look under the hood & can fix almost anything. We can inspect & fix the roof, foundation, and siding, repair drywall and sheetrock, paint, and most anything else that needs to be done on your house.

Efficient systems cost less to run, and all this goes to your bottom line, saving you money.

Fixing broken equipment costs more than maintaining it. Don’t you regularly change the oil in your car?

We Fix Your Austin Home With Professional Handyman Services

We do local roof repairs, foundation repairs, and replace rotted and warped siding, stucco repair on siding, attic insulation, heater repairs, Air conditioning maintenance and repair, whole home systems, and other critical areas of your home. It’s important to inspect and prevent anything that could potentially turn into an expensive home disaster. Nobody wants to repair a flooded home from a broken leaky pipe that was never repaired.

We’ll share our home repair and remodel guidelines.

We can help you with changing the air filter for your furnace or fixing a leaky faucet in your bathroom.

Check and replace expired fire extinguishers in your garage or kitchen.

Clean gutters and install gutter guards that guard against leaves getting into your gutters and clogging them.

We can service your heating and cooling systems.

Clean and repair cooling coils that will improve airflow and save you money on your utilities, and speed up how fast your home cools.

Clean the dryer exhaust pipe of lint and flammable debris to prevent a house fire.

Remove sediment and gunk from your hot water heater by flushing and draining it. Texas water has lots of minerals and this is something we recommend doing every 12-18 months.

Clean condenser coils and cooling fans

Check and clean gaskets

Ensure Your Austin Home Is A Smooth Running Home By Repairing It With A Local Handyman!

Replace and repair things like your hot water heater, and install a tankless hot water heater that saves you money in the long run. Efficient appliances and home systems run better and last longer when you regularly maintain them.

Other things like cleaning the dryer exhaust pipe to prevent house fires.

Drain hot water heater to remove sediment to make your hot water hotter and have your plumbing equipment replaced less often.

Turn Your Home Inspection Report Into Real-Life Home Repairs in Austin

Just Bought A New Home In Austin?

With new homes, it’s even better to maintain early, that way it has the longest lifespan possible… Think about it like sunscreen. How much better would it be to start when you’re 18 before damage starts occurring, rather than when your 40 and there’s already considerable damage?

Our Austin Handymen Can Prevent Problems Before They Get Ugly. Upgrade Your Home.

Safety measures, like smoke detector testing, battery replacement, and inspections go a long way to help prevent a disaster.

We install carbon monoxide detectors and we install fire extinguishers.

Austin Home Remodels & Repair With Regular Care.

We’ll manage the logistics for all your home service needs. From your phone, tablet, or computer, you’re only one call or tap away from getting the service you need for your home.


5 Stars! – Warren

Kyle, TX

Just a note to say that I think you guys are great… It was a pleasure having Brent maintain our home. He fixed things that we didn’t expect him to fix on his visit. Friendly and knowledgeable, it was just a great experience and now we have drains that actually drain among other things!”

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