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  • Bi-Annual Home Inspections Available
  • Reliable & Skilled Construction, Remodel & Handyman Services
  • We Will Save You Money
  • Keep An Eye On Your Property
  • Pays For Itself (It Really Does!)

Prevent House Problems Before They Start.

Home Preventative Maintenance Service In Austin Goes A Long Way.

Many Austin, Texas homeowners & landlords have no idea of the condition of their properties. Our skilled carpenters & handymen look under the hood & can fix almost anything. We can inspect & fix the roof, foundation, siding, repair drywall and sheetrock, paint and most anything else that needs done on your house.

Efficient systems cost less to run, all this goes to your bottom line, saving you money.

Fixing broken equipment costs more than maintaining it. Don’t you regularly change the oil in your car?

We Fix Your Austin Home With Professional Handyman Services

We inspect the roof, foundation, siding, attic, HVAC systems and other critical areas of your home to catch and prevent anything that could potentially turn into an expensive disaster.

We’ll give you guidelines and notify you when it’s time to:

  • Change the air filters
  • Check fire extinguishers
  • Clean gutters
  • Service heating and cooling system Clean and Repair Coils improve airflow, save utilities, get a colder home faster.
  • Clean dryer exhaust pipe to prevent fire
  • Drain the hot water heater to remove sediment and gunk
  • Clean condenser coils and cooling fans
  • Check and clean gaskets

Bi-Annual Systems Maintenance

Ensure Your Austin Home Is A Smooth Running Home

  • Change the air filters (Up to 3 Filters Per Home, Per Visit)
  • Check fire extinguishers and/or install fire extinguishers if none present in home
  • Service heating and cooling system
  • Clean dryer exhaust pipe to prevent fire
  • Drain hot water heater to remove sediment
  • Clean condenser coils and cooling fans

Turn Your Home Inspection Report Into Real Life Home Repairs in Austin

Give Your Buyers A Solution 

With new homes, it’s even better to maintain early, that way it has the longest lifespan possible… Think about it like sunscreen. How much better would it be to start when your 18 before damage starts occurring, rather than when your 40 and there’s already considerable damage?

Our Austin Handymen Can Prevent Home Problems Before They Get Ugly

With safety measures, like smoke detector testing, battery replacement, and inspections goes a long way to help prevent a disaster.

We install carbon monoxide detectors.

We install fire extinguishers.

Keep records of all the service and maintenance work done on your home in one centralized, secure online location.


Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy.

You or your tenant can easily call, click, or tap next time there is a repair or maintenance need, and we’ll send a professional handyman over.

We will contact your tenant on your behalf to schedule a time that’s convenient for them. When we are done we send you our maintenance report and recommendations.

Austin Home Remodels & Repair With Regular Care.

We’ll manage the logistics for all your home service needs. From your phone, tablet, or computer, you’re only one call or tap away from getting the service you need for your home.

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5 Stars! – Warren

Kyle, TX

Just a note to say that I think you guys are great… It was a pleasure having Brent maintain our home. He fixed things that we didn’t expect him to fix on his visit. Friendly and knowledgeable, it was just a great experience and now we have drains that actually drain among other things!”

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